Why us?

 An unrivalled combined knowledge in restoration

  • We have already undertaken 85,000+ physical working hours capacity for the purpose of restoration services
  • We have 85 persons in our organization, a team for more than 20 years


Our team includes specialists in all areas of historic automobile restoration and car manufacturing; traditional panel beaters, paint specialists, welding and body experts, coach trimmers, mechanical technicians and project managers; meaning we can turn any dream into reality.

Combined in-house knowledge & highly experienced team 

„Do you ever have questionsabout how we are thinking, and how serious we are about the best quality?

It is easy to see: in order to keep the quality perfect and in control and all technical processes at highest possible level, we built our own galvanizing plant. ” So we offer restorations from a single source.’

  • All departments are in the same location, under one roof’

We have the technology

  • Only classic restorer workshop in Europe that has its own industrial galvanizing plant and chemical paint remover
  • We work with the bare metal bodywork. Our team of metal fabricators has the experience to tackle projects of any size and type
  • The bodywork is made using a closed technologic system

Guarenteed high quality   

  • ​ We pride ourselves on supplying our distinguished international clientbase with some of the best examples of key Mercedes models and other iconic brands.
  • The guarantee of quality – is clearly visible from the International & Factory references we havereceived through the delivery of exemplary original models directly to Manufacturers & Classic Museums.

Whatever it takes, your rare automobile will be restored to a condition that can justly be termed ‘better-than-new’. Our restoration even surpasses the original delivery condition with regard to the quality of artisanship and perfect rust protection.

Visit our Workshop
..and you will see the difference.

Please contact our restoration experts to discuss the details of your proposed project.

Restored to perfection
= Happy Customer

Classic Car Restoration on a Budget? 

Restoring a car is a big commitment, and it’s easy to underestimate things like material costs and the price of tools needed to carry out certain jobs. That’s why it’s important to carry it out with a well-established experienced professional.  With Motor Classic, the high added value is paired with harmonized rates.

Since the labor rates for our highly experienced team are much lower than the normal international standards, the restoration of your precious vintage car will meet meticulous quality but with adjusted Central European rates.


Saving time &money for your Quality time   

In many cases, time can be more valuable than money.

But you can save money too by getting the work done correctly the first time and by avoiding the cost of misidentifying what’s needed to correct an issue. We will make sure the project doesn’t conflict with your other commitments. When you’re a business man, the luxury of “quality family time” tends to disappear in the 50s.With the right results to your classic car, we help you to addmore family time ito your busy schedule.


We work hard on Your dream!

Unrivalled combined knowledge, high transparency and extensive customer service distinguish Us. Always with the aim of creating the best conditions for our privileged customers to realize the dream of their life. If your car isn’t in need of a full restoration, the Motor-Classic team can re-paint, re-chrome , re-trim or re-build your vehicle according to your particular needs.

We put our heart and soul into each restoration and a little bit of ourselves rolls out of the shop with each car. We meticulously restore each car as if it were our own.

Please contact our restoration experts to discuss the details of your proposed project.

Do not forget, passion is most intense when it is shared.

Ultimately, we would like to contribute to your collector effort, and keep Your cars on the right track for the future.


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