What we do?

 Certified High-Quality Classic Car Restoration

How we Work, what we can handle..

  • One-off fabrication of body parts based on the original design drawings
  • Repair and produce of glass fibre-reinforced plastic and plastic body parts
  • Cathodic dip coating: 9  stage cathodic dip coating
  • We handle all of our Automatic gearbox restorations internally
  • Full support and restoration for modells like Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, pre war
  • 15 + years restoration experience complicated classic modells like Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman
  • No detail too small. No project too big

 We don ’t do :

  • Modern upgrades and non period and type correct modifications
  • Modern injectors or modern carburettors
  • Sport or adjustable shock absorbers, modified suspensions
  • Aluminium radiators , modified power steering etc.
  • Aftermarket diferentials, etc.
  • Race preparations for non Motor Classic cars etc.

We have the technology

  • All departments are in the same location , under one roof’
  • Only classic restorer workshop in Europe who has own industrial galvanizing plant and chemical paint remover
  • We work with the bare metal bodywork. Our team of metal fabricators has the experience to tackle projects of any size and type
  • The bodywork is made using a closed technologic system


’When you only do one thing, you should ensure that you do it better than anyone else.’

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