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We know it is very difficult to find the right team and we already helped many manufacturers to develop or expand their new Classic facilities. ​

Our museum quality restorations are available exactly for the purpose of satisfying customers’ specific needs, whether it’s a complete nut and bolt rebuild for a collector or a preservation that retains patina but perfectly restores the mechanicals for a museum piece.

Cars when used, unlike art and furniture, are exposed to the elements and are made from different materials that don’t always age harmoniously. Often, restoration is the only way to preserve a car if it has deteriorated to a point where its useful life has been exceeded. Most car museums can handle only minor maintenance or just basic repairs to internal mechanics. In many cases, they do not have specialists for professional bodywork repair, or they carry out restorations in their small garage. So, what is the best solution when comprehensive repair or restoration is required?
Nowadays, rare classic cars are an excellent investment and naturally all curators want to preserve or increase the value of these automobiles. For high value vehicles (even if not necessarily rare), it is more and more a recurring question whether the car should be kept as is – preserving its historical integrity – or it should be returned to running order, thereby fulfilling its intended purpose as an operational vehicle. We know the main requirements of car museums and many cases, if you are willing to make changes to your portfolio, we are happy to help. You do not need to create a restoration workshop in the centre of your Museum garage.
Capacity? We are the solution.
We are always on hand to offer our expertise & restorative capacities.

Why us?

An unrivalled combined knowledge in restoration

  • We have already undertaken 85,000+ physical working hours capacity for the purpose of restoration services
  • We have 85 persons in our organization, a team for more than 20 years

Love owning and driving a classic car but don’t want to get 5 different subcontractor for each processes ?

Museum level restorations can only be achieved when virtually every technical process are perfect, and carried out carefully by in-house specialists under constant, meticulous quality control.

Combined in-house knowledge & highly experienced team

„If you ever question about , how we are thinking, and how serious we are about the best quality? It is easy to see keep the perfect quality controlled and all technical processes at highest possible level, we built our own galvanizing plant.” So we offer restorations from a single source

We have the technology

  • All departments are in the same location , under one roof’
  • Only classic restorer workshop in Europe who has own industrial galvanizing plant and chemical paint remover
  • We work with the bare metal bodywork. Our team of metal fabricators has the experience to tackle projects of any size and type
  • The bodywork is made using a closed technologic system
Restored to perfection

When every automibile handled as a historical and cultural artifact.

Concerning the restoration, each detail is important because authenticity is essential.With an annual restoring capacity of 25-35 cars, we deliver world-class vehicle services for prime car museums and private connoisseurs.

We know it is very difficult to find the right team and we already helped many manufacturers to develop or expand their new Classic facilities.Working with a cost harmonized, quality contractor, will give your team the opportunity to deliver world-class vehicle services to a rapidly growing number of enthusiasts.


Where other workshops finish, We begin

On our agenda is the willingness of Motor Classic to help our partners bolster their own production capabilities by offering advice, experience and occasionally training for their staff to help improve their expertise. We pride ourselves on renovating some of the finest examples of key Mercedes models, and those of other iconic brands for our discerning international client-base. Increase your manufacturing production capacity, please contact us for the available time slots.

Our restoration services are now open for a famous, traditional automotive museums & we would be honoured to offer you special conditions for contract manufacturing or restoration services.

What other brands we handle

Although we specialize in rare Mercedes-Benz models, we also have experience with icons like sportcars from the 50’s and 60’s and automobiles pre – WWII era such as Auburn, Lagonda, Cord, Duesenberg, Packard, Cadillac, Lincoln, Bentley.

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