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At Motor Classic, we believe in renewing the values of the past, combining creative engineering solutions and expertise. Our goal is to restore cars and provide manufacturing technology services to our partners with a solution-centric approach and uncompromising quality. (Motor Classic Mission)

Our story

We started refurbishing vintage vehicles over 25 years ago in extremely modest conditions with limited tools. However, our enthusiasm and commitment to quality quickly paid off. More and more people approached us with various projects, which led to continuous technological and personnel development. Restoration, besides being an interesting and challenging profession, is actually a way of life. In addition to continuous learning and gaining experience, reliability, flexibility, and pushing the boundaries reasonably are essential, all while ensuring the highest level of quality. These qualities continue to be the defining values of our company.

Over the years, a significant portion of the generated profit has been reinvested in further developing the company. Many times, we managed to progress to new levels beyond our capabilities, relying on loans or grant money. Regardless of the area of investment, the goal was to equip the respective business sector with the most modern technology. Following these aspirations, the CNC department and the robotic painting facility were established.

Today, we have grown into a stable company that provides a livelihood for more than 160 families and is recognized internationally. Every colleague who contributed to our success over the years through their work, loyalty, and expertise played a significant role. The name Motor Classic has become synonymous with quality and reliability, which is evidenced by numerous international and domestic awards and honors.

Why work with us

The team
We have specialists in all areas of historic automobile restoration and car manufacturing, from craftsmen to engineers.
The technology
We do have all kind of tools, machines and equipment which are required for complete restoration process, from the sewing machine to the chrome plating plant.
The know-how
More than 20 years of experience in restoring classic cars and motorcycles. More than 350 fully restored classic vehicles.
The quality
Having all the works done in-house, give us the opportunity to control and maintain the high-quality standards.
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Find out more about our industrial services!

Motor Classic decided to build up a solid and cutting-edge technology industrial background to be able to solve any issues in-house. During the last 10 years, we have invested a lot into technologies such as CNC machining, chrome plating, anodising or robotic painting. Today we have several business units besides our core – classic-car restoration segment, supplying wide range of industries.

There are no barriers in front of us, whatever the brand, but Mercedes is the closest to us.

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Let's work with us